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About this data

The EIN Finder provides the following information: summary data from nonprofit tax returns and full Form 990 documents, available in both PDF and digital formats.

Summary data

This data is derived from information processed by the IRS during the 2022 calendar year. Please note that this summary data only presents a limited subset of the information found in the complete Form 990s.

Full Form 990 documents

In addition to the summary data, we offer links to PDFs and digital copies of the full Form 990 documents whenever they are accessible. These documents come from separate releases by the IRS and are updated regularly.

Frequently Asked Questions

Simply enter the name or EIN of the nonprofit organization you are interested in. Our tool will then fetch the information related to that organization from previous filings.
EIN Finder will provide you with the organization's tax-exempt status and the availability of their Form 990 filings.
Upon entering the EIN, the organization's information will be displayed. Scroll down to the bottom to find all the available Form 990 documents. You can either view it as a digital copy or download it as PDF.
No, our EIN Finder tool is entirely free to use. You can search and review as many organizations as you need without any fee.
If you can't find the organization you are looking for, make sure you've entered the EIN correctly. Also, verify that the organization you are searching for is registered as a nonprofit with the IRS.